W. Andresen

W.Andresen (or W.Andreson) was a pseudonym used by the german painter Christian Wilhelm Allers (german homepage www.cwallers.de, english Wikipedia about C.W. Allers) which he used in 1903 to 1914 at his drawings.

C.W. Allers, born 1857 in Hamburg, was a famous and well-known painter at 1890-1900. After some years in Hamburg he lived in Karlsruhe and on Capri island. In 1902, he became involved in a scandal on homosexuality ("Krupp scandal") and had to leave Capri. He made journeys around the world and made portraits of the ship passengers (preferred the first-class ones) or people in the towns he visited. During this time, he usually signed his works as "W. Andresen". By the journeys his portraits and paintings are spread world-wide, e.g. in New Zealand. When the first world war began, it became difficult for him to travel around and he returned to germany, where he died in 1915.

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If you are interested in more paintings as "W. Andresen", you may be interested in my book (also e-book) "C.W. Allers nach 1902" (92 pages, about 45 drawings as W. Andresen, most text in German language).

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Ganymed Boy
Portrait John Wheelihan
(signature changed to C.W.Allers by Victor Allers after death of painter)